Mr. Hajime Okajima

     NHK SPRING (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was established in December 19th, 1963 as a BOI promoted company and has the longest history as an overseas operating base of NHK SPRING group. We are pleased to say that NHK SPRING (THAILAND) CO., LTD. can celebrate its 50th anniversary in December, 2013. We have been contributing to developments in the industrialization and the expansion of the industry in Thailand through our business up to now.

     High technological skills assisted by NHK SPRING CO., LTD. meet various kinds of market needs in not only automobile field, but also motorcycle field, office automation equipment field including HDD, consumer electronics field, etc. We place importance on customer's trust, partner's trust, shareholder's trust and our employee's trust and will continue our activities while letting every employee has shared awareness of making NHK SPRING's brand more secure.

We will deal mainly with the following four points under the eternal theme of increasing current trust in us to a highest level.
1. Persistently making our financial position more sound
2. Aiming for consistently creative manufacturing from development to production
3. Earning a highest reputation from the customer in relation to QCDEM (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Engineering and Management )
4. Developing human resources responsible for the next generation

We continue to contribute to society while steadily solving problems locally with actual stuff and considering environmental conservation. We appreciate your continued guidance and support.

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