Company Missions
     1. Developing our company into a world class company that satisfies international quality standards.
     2. Responding to customer and market needs.
     3. High-quality production engineering that is valued by customers and raising the level of manufacturing technologies.
     4. Continuous human resources development.
Company's annual policies 2021

Slogan  •Go up to THE NEXT STAGE
   •Fondation making for a jump
The company's annual policies are as follows:
     1. To persist in the straight attitude.
     2. To increase order and improve profitability.
     3. To speed up strength in the Monozukuri capability.
     4. To build the safe and pleasure valuable organization and satisfaction.
     5. To develop human resources by structured plan.

Working Policy :
     1 While working we always have to concern on customers' attitude and offer the best service for them which lead to expand company business.
     2 Placing an importance on each attitude and vision to make the work moving forward.
     3 Having a good communication between superior and inferior to make to work go on smoothly.

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