Company Missions
     1. Developing our company into a world class company that satisfies international quality standards.
     2. Responding to customer and market needs.
     3. High-quality production engineering that is valued by customers and raising the level of manufacturing technologies.
     4. Continuous human resources development.
Company's annual policies 2018
     Slogan: To be AEC No.1 Parts Supplier Expand Business 800
The company's annual policies are as follows:
     1. To be changed to propose the R&D idea to elevate Customers' satisfaction through strong Monozukuri potentiality.
     2. To strengthen planning and sale ability to be no. 1 in AEC.
     3. To enhance team synergism, unity and trustwortiness altogether.
     4. To restructure suppliers toward AEC's perspectives.
     5. To strengthen human resources development for driving organization to be a leading parts manufacturer in AEC.
     6. To promote CSR activities and NHK Spring Way.
     7. To change traditional thoughts and cultures.
     8. Safety first & Health first.
Working Policy :
     1 While working we always have to concern on customers' attitude and offer the best service for them which lead to expand company business.
     2 Placing an importance on each attitude and vision to make the work moving forward.
     3 Having a good communication between superior and inferior to make to work go on smoothly.

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