Although Thai people  generally know "5S" as a concept for keeping a place clean and orderly, they may question why NHK SPRING (THAILAND) really emphasizes on the 5S education in the company. The concept of the "5S" which is Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke comes from Japan. In fact, NHK SPRING (THAILAND) is a pioneer company which implemented 5S activitiesin Thailand.
      "5S" is a basic concept for working systematically and efficiently. So, we educate and train this concept for all employees of the company. First of all, new employees have to understand the definitions of each "S". After that they will attend a workshop to practically implement 5S. Then employees are assessed their 5S implementation.
      It is not difficult to educate "5S" to employees, but it is difficult to make them recognize the importance of this concept, so that they will do the 5S activity with strong motivation. Concerning this point, NHK SPRING (THAILAND) encourages employees to willingly practice this activity, such as a 5S contest. It helps employees to release their tension of following regulations and to feel more comfortable to do 5S. As a result, they work systematically which leads to production effectiveness and efficiency.

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