Training Village  is a training center of NHK Spring (Thailand), which is located in Ban Pho Plant, Amphoe Ban Pho District, Chachoengsao Province.
Training center opened on 14th February 2008 and expanded the training section to increase the management capacity of the Training Center by establishing the Training Village building on 20th March 2019. It serves as a human resource development center for employees from local and ASEAN countries. Our employees can improve their abilities, knowledge, attitude and behavior by following NHK Spring Way, which includes 9 primary subjects: Safety, Health & Environment, Quality, Cost, Monozukuri, Innovation, Initial Flow Control, 5S, Information Technology and Management. Our internal trainers handle each subject and design training programs using a range of techniques, including lectures, activities, practical (Dojo), group training on a real production line (Jishuken), and learning through PR and online media. This learning method helps all employees grow and develop so that the company can become the best auto part manufacturer in ASEAN and worldwide.

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