Unique Video Project for Safety Activity
      A unique chubby man in a yellow and black costume is getting famous at NHK SPRING (THAILAND). He patrols all factories and says "You have to Mamoru, keep regulations!" to operators. His name is "Mamoru-man" and is a kind of hero in a company safety educational video. He was created to motivate employee's safety consciousness.
      You may ask, "What does 'Mamoru' mean, and why do we have to 'Mamoru' ?" The word "Mamoru" is Japanese, and means "keeping regulations". It is a policy from the chairman of NHK SPRING (THAILAND) that he would like all employees keep working standards, such as Safety, Production, and Quality.
      The company considers safety as the top priority. So, several Mamoru projects have been launched since the end of 2007, including this safety video project. Operators will learn about safety through this video with case studies of past accidents. In the video, Mamoru-man, the special safety instructor, will teach and warn operators to keep Safety Working Standard (SWS) and safety regulations.
      This video will be presented to all operators of NHK SPRING (THAILAND) soon.

Furthering the development
      of the company through strengthening human resources. This is the policy from the chairman of NHK SPRING (THAILAND). So the employees have to improve themselves all the time. Accordingly, "Training Center" was built near by Banpho plant and opened in March, 2007.
      The training center aims to educate and enhance knowledge and skills of employees at every level. It provides courses for managers and employees which mainly emphasize on the themes of the company; QCDESM+5S or Quality, Cost, Delivery, Engineering, Environment, Safety, Management and 5s
      This center has many rooms for training employees. The auditorium provides 56 comfortable seats and AV equipments. We have top management's seminars here. This auditorium will also be used for the computer training for employees. We have a big and fully-equipped seminar room for employees.
     There are rooms for practical training. For example, the TPS training room that provides a production line model for operators. In this room, operators can practice their work in a model line and they can understand an entire concept of TPS from the beginning to the end of production process. The training courses of safety & enviroment, 5S, quality control, and quality assurance are also held in the training center.
     "Training Center" is the place where employees really learn by "Doing" which makes them work more efficiently.

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