As a Japanese-Thai company which most of the staff is Thai, NHK SPRING (THAILAND) wants to improve Thai employees' skills to international level. Therefore, we have supported many young Thai engineers to be trained and to learn more advanced skills in Japan.
      For example, the Seat & Interior Division sent engineers to let them study design skills in Japan. Because they found the division should not depend on the parent company's design work. Now, the Seat & Interior Division can design and develop the products by themselves. The Precision Spring Division also sent their staff to Japan. At the present, the division can design and produce some special dies of HDD cover even it was very difficult in the past.
      Besides, the company also regularly sends engineering staff to train in a manufacturing plant in Japan in order to let them understand a concept of standard production work. Therefore, they can apply their knowledge and experience to their work at NHK SPRING (THAILAND).

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