"NHK does not only provide a good salary and a good bonus, they also help our families for better living conditions. This is why I feel that NHK provides good things to us more than other companies."

Benjamas Hawuth
Asst Chief GA./HO

Miss Benjamas Hawuth, 39 years old, graduated from Sukhothai Thammathirat University. I am originally from Samut Prakarn. My current position is Asst Chief GA./HO. I have been working here for 15 years first and came back to work for 3 more years, thus, I work here for 18 years totally. My responsibility is a general administration in a factory support such as transportation and factory public utility. And I mainly works at the main office.

How did I know NHK? and What made I decide to apply for a job here? I visited my friend at NHK long time ago and I saw many companies open for job positions. I saw NHK looks professional so I decided to apply to job here. However, I have no idea what?s NHK do at that time. I chose NHK because it?s unique and interesting so I walked in to offer my resume. After that, I got an interview and got a job here.
My perspective towards NHK? Actually, NHK is like a second home to me, a family because we work as a team, we are like friends and we can rely on each other. The working system is like family where we teach, criticize and help each other out. It?s all lessons for us. I feel like NHK gives me more than just a salary, it also gives me a great living condition.

What are my impressions towards NHK? There are two main impressions. The first impression is when the Economic bubble recession happened; we had to do everything to make the company survive and helped each other. For example, we sold some garbage, leftover of wood and scrap iron. Moreover, we helped each other to clean everything from floors to drains, in order to reduce an unnecessary employment. Another event is when gas at well-grow factory leaking. On that particular day, I worked on a transportation and staff, when I came back to a factory, I saw a manager take off his shirt to stop a gas hole from leaking. I was surprised that he put all his afford to solve a problem. It encouraged and impressed me so much that a manager could work like that. He got much respect from staff. I would like to invite all new graduates who are looking for jobs to consider NHK because not only a good salary and a good bonus that NHK can give, they also help our families for better living conditions. This is why I feel that NHK provides good things to us more than other companies.

"One thing is that they train you to be more expressive and more decisive. They welcome our actions, training us to be more efficient in working."

Chotiphat Kullawongvit
Assistant Chief

Piyathida Pattharakitthanyadhat 
document control

Mongkol Chaisena 

Arkom Keawhawong 
leader of LD. Iud.5 Tasu

Sirilak Pukmadun 

Aekapop Pinitnok 

Suparanan Supakij 
Sale Planning

Rattanachai Duangkamnoi 
Quality Assurance Chief (

Marudej Wannawohan 
Assistant Human Resources

Benjamas Hawuth 
Asst Chief GA./HO

Siriwat Boonrin 
Senior Section Chief of Q

Thammanoon Sroipoon 
Staff Engineer

Manop Wongjandi 


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