Blessing on New Year?s Day 2020 and Company?s Slogan and Policy Statement in 2020 of President of NHK Spring (Thailand)

On 6-17th January 2020, Mr. Ryuichi Shibata, president of NHK Spring (Thailand) blessed on New Year’s Day 2020 and stated company’s slogan and policy in 2020 to all employees.


The slogan is still the same as the previous year in 2020.

1. [Go up to THE  NEXT  STAGE]

2. Achievement of 2020 middle term plan


Then, Mr. Thanongsak Jaroenmak, senior director of corporate administration division and Mr. Lare Yoopensuk, president of Thailand Auto Part and Metal Worker’s Union are representatives for greeting and blessing on New Year’s Day to all employees.