"Products from Suspension Spring Division"

      Suspension Spring Plant was established in Thailand in 1963. 1 year later, it started to produce Leaf Spring to car manufacturer. Then, in 1978, Coil Spring was produced. In 1982, Stabilizer bar was first made. After that, we started to produce Torsion bar in 1995.
     Nowadays, our products in Suspension Spring Division are Leaf Spring, Coil Spring, Stabilizer Bar and Torsion Bar.
     In this column, we proudly present the detail of Leaf Spring and Coil Spring. Let's see!
      1. Leaf Spring
1.Types of Leaf Spring: divided by figure
♦ Conventional Type
♦ Trunnion Type
♦ 2 Stage Type
♦ Progressive Type
     2. Function of Leaf Spring
     It is used to bear the weight of vehicle's body including its loaded stuff. Also, its function is to bear the shaking effect from the road's condition while the vehicle is moving. Leaf Spring perfectly fits for Pick-up, bus and truck sized 5, 10, 15, 20 tons.
     3. Technology of production, Inspection and quality test of Leaf Spring
      2. Coil Spring can be divided as these pictures below
Function of Coil Spring
1.Coil Spring is the device for maintaining Mechanical Energy in term of Stain Energy. For the working process of it, it is worked with vehicle undercarriage system to bear load, weight, torque and shaking while the vehicle is moving. This device will transform the energy under load and torque's action and return the energy that saved when it inverts to the same pattern.
2. Technology for Spring design
      According to products design, we use computer technique to assist our work. Now, we apply computer and software program: CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) to design and analyze load and stress in spring for the strength of working for example Program CATIA, UG, ABAQUS (for drawing) and IDEAS (for stress analysis). Technology of production, Inspection and quality test of Coil Spring

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