"General Information"
      Our Training center was first established on March 2007 in the area of Banpho plant regarding to the significant policy of T-NHK president about the company's development through strengthening human resources. So, the employees of T-NHK need to be trained and improved themselves all the time.

     Our training center aims to be the center of providing knowledge and skill to all employees at every level. The first official course was launched on February 14, 2008. Now, we have our executives responsible for making courses as these policies follow:
Or these can be called "QCDESM + 5S."
There are several works we are responsible for right now which are
      1. Lecture and Seminar: we are responsible to hold monthly meeting, foreign language courses for executives and computer training.
     2. Jishuken and Dojo: we are responsible for the evaluation and following up the training.
      3. Self-Learning: we do the project of "Knowledge Delivery" by making brochures attaching over the public area for employees to study.
      4. Training Centre Media: we provide edutainment media such as soap opera, documentary, company's news, etc.
     The area in front of our training center consists of the rest area up front: there is a hut for relaxing and watering curtain welcoming for trainees during the break time and book corner. Inside the training center, there is reception area for course's registration and here we provide the drink for break time. Besides, it is the area for demonstrate our works and other important information about our training center.
      In the deeper side of the training center, it is divided into 3 large areas which are the training center office and training center media room, area for academic course and area for practical training.
1. Training center office and training center media room
     1.1 Training center office is the office for our staffs that are in charge of offering care and service for visitors friendly in every matter.
     1.2 Training Centre Media Room: in charge of producing edutainment video and other publishing media. Inside this room, there are professional ready-to-use equipments for shooting and editing.
2. Area for academic course consists of Seminar Room, Lecture room and Theatre Room.
3. Area for practical training
      3.1 TPS room: providing the training course in term of Toyota Production System (TPS) by applying the concept of JIT (Just-In-Time) in order to save the waste from working.
     3.2 Quality room: providing the training course about the Quality issue or Quality control to make the trust of our executives and customers.
     3.3 TPM room (Total Productive Maintenance): presenting the way to upkeep the maintenance of repairing machines and equipments in order to prevent the halt of machine's working or even the accident from working according to the machine's breakdown.
     3.4 5S room: showing the concept of 5S (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke) which is the fundamental measure to keep the office in order and create employees' good behavior.
     3.5 Safety, Health & Environment room: providing self practical training about safe working place, health issue and environmental issue.

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