Leaf Springs
     Leaf springs are used in commercial vehicle suspension systems. They combine a more comfortable ride with improved handling stability. The result of research and development in materials, shapes, and production process, the leaf springs of NHK Spring Thailand are both strong and lightweight and can stand up to any kinds of road conditions.

Stabilizer Bars
     Stabilizer bars are needed to prevent automobiles from tipping over while cornering and changing lanes. They provide improved handling stability. Solid stabilizer bars use spring steel and carbon steel, while tubular stabilizer bars developed by NHK Spring use high-grade seam-welded piping. Tubular stabilizer bars are 20% to 50% lighter than solid stabilizer bars.

Coil Springs
     Coil springs are commonly found in passenger vehicles and minivans. They absorb vibration and shock from the road to provide a more comfortable ride. The lightweight, sturdy design of our coil springs use fewer resources and help to improve fuel efficiency.

Torsion Bars
     Torsion bars are the springs which utilize the natural tension of bent metal rods to return to their original shape. They are used in the front suspensions of pickup trucks and require less space to install.

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