In Thailand, "5S" (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke) is generally well-known, especially in governmental organizations. Originally, the 5S comes from 5 Japanese words. "Seiri" is to eliminate unnecessary items from a work place. "Seiton" is to store office equipment properly for their efficient and safe usage. "Seiso" is to keep the workplace and office equipment clean. "Seiketsu" is to regulate above 3S to maintain a neat and orderly working environment. "Shitsuke" is to habitually practice all 4S and do improvements.
      "5S" is a basic concept for making a work place neat and orderly in order to gain safe and tidy working conditions, leading to better productivity and more efficient work. In addition, neat and orderly working conditions make a good atmosphere which brings pleasure and high morale to employees.
      Actually, NHK SPRING (THAILAND) is a pioneer of the 5S in Thailand. Over 40 years ago, we introduced the first 2S in the company, and later published the first "3S Handbook" in Thai language in 1984. Now, the 5S has become our working policy as it results in, not only a neat and orderly workplace, but also efficient working style.
      Therefore, our new employees have to be lectured and trained on the 5S theory before they start working. Since all management uses the 5S as a base, employees need to understand and apply this concept to their work properly on every day.

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