To concern the environment is what NHK SPRING (THAILAND) has been striving. Besides receiving the certification of ISO 14001 for the environmental standards of our manufacturing plants, we are also working for several environmental projects in the company.
      We have a responsibility to the surroundings where we work. For example, the waste water from our production process is not emitted outside as a water treatment system is used at our Banpho plant. The water treatment system cleans the dirty water, which will be reused for watering plants and for the restrooms at the plant. We also made a vegetable field in Banpho plant where the water is reused for. The vegetable and herbs which have been growing in the plant field are served in the canteen.
      Besides, the Suspension Spring Division reduces the use of gloves in production work. We wash gloves and reuse them at least two times for the purpose of reducing costs and garbage. We have also a training program to learn about the environmental care at the training center.

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