Quality is the first priority for our products. In order to produce the highest quality products possible, quality control systems are used on each production process.
     The assembly line of front seats in the Seat & Interior Division is an example. We have to attach the seat and its back, which requires 100% safety and quality assurance. The number of bolts and the tightness are completely controlled by computer. If they are not properly attached, the machine automatically stops and doesn't continue on to the next process. Through this system, we can prevent defective products. The company has introduced this kind of system in many production lines.
      In addition, we also consider our quality culture as the essential factor, which comprises of 5 policies. First, customers are the most important. Second, we must provide the highest customer satisfaction. Third, the concept of internal customers is also important. As we consider ourselves as customers, we can not be pleased to pass bad quality products to our colleagues. Fourth, our work process must be correct from the beginning in order to reduce wasted time and costs. Lastly, we heavily practice KAIZEN or continuous working improvement.
      With this quality culture, the customers are assured of the best products.

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