"NHK SPRING (THAILAND) has contributed to nature conservation in Thailand since 14 years ago."

Former Director of the Wildlife Conservation Office under the National Park, Wildlife and Plants Conservation Department, Ministry of National Resource and Environment

Seedling & Transplanting Project in Chiang Rai

      NHK SPRING (THAILAND) has been concerned with the global warming problem for more than ten years. In 1994, we started to fund a nature conservation project in Chiang Rai province in order to revive destroyed mountainous areas in the Northern Thailand as our 3 years project.
    Cooperating with the Royal Forest Department, NHK SPRING in Japan, and NHK SPRING (THAILAND), our funds were used to plant one million seedlings and distribute them to local people to plant in their villages.
      Now, not only do these plants replenish the ruined forest, they also provide food and jobs to local people. The satisfaction of the people and the rejuvenation of the forest encourage us to contribute toward nature conservation activities.

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